25 Bookish Facts About Me

As a start to this blog I decided for a “get to know me” kind of post. So here are 25 bookish facts about me.

  1. My love for reading started with my mother.  She always had a book with her and we took weekly trips to the library where she would walk out with a huge stack of books.
  2. The first (and probably only) book I read in one sitting (besides a picture book) was Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.are-you-there-god-its-me-margaret

3. I read Twilight the first week it was released.  Saw it on the new release shelf at Barnes and Noble and thought it was an interesting premise.  I enjoyed it, then everyone started talking about it later and I was like, “That sounds familiar. Oh yeah, I read that months ago.” I made it about half way through Eclipse and stopped never to pick up the series again.

4.I tend to do most of my reading at work. I work midnight’s at a psych hospital.

5. I am prone to starting books and never finishing them. Even if I was enjoying the book I will put it down and never pick it up again.

6. I will usually be reading multiple books at a time.

7. I love the smell of books.fxohhyso8o0izvmjswvt3waeo1_500

8. I prefer physical books over eBooks, except when at the gym.

9. I am a slow reader. Like really slow.  I have little plays that go on in my head and I am the director.  I will reread bits, particularly dialog until it sounds just right in my head.

10. I hopped on the Harry Potter train just prior to the first movie being released.

11. My friend lent me all 3 of the 50 Shades of Grey books. I made it though about 100 pages of the first one and was so annoyed by the horrid writing. All 3 books are still sitting on my shelf 2 years later unreturned. I feel kind of bad.

12. I read books from almost every genre, I think the only think I haven’t read would be a western. My library has a whole section devoted to westerns and I’ve never picked up one.

13. Scholactic book fair day was my favorite day in elementary school.  I remember being so excited when the pamphlet came out and I would rush home to circle all the books I wanted.

14. I enjoy reading plays.

15. I never read a book that was assigned in school until college, I would only read the short stories and even them I usually wouldn’t read.  I would instead read the first paragraph from each chapter and could totally understand what the book was about. This was a time before internet so I couldn’t just look up the plot to help me.

16. Had a very old copy of Winnie the Pooh as a child, which I wrote all over.(Kicking my stupid child self for that one.)41k2yv7-s5l-_sx311_bo1204203200_

17. I do not currently have a bookshelf. My cats destroyed the last one I had from climbing on it all the time and I never bought a replacement.

18. The majority of my books  I get from the library. I am too poor to buy books all the time.

19. I only started reading Graphic Novels and Comics about 5 years ago, wish I would have known how great they were when I was younger.

20. My love of audio books started with Harry Potter. Jim Dale is the best narrator. I have not only read physical copies of all the books but I have listened to them all also.

21.I really don’t like poetry. Like REALLY don’t like it.

22. Plot twists usually don’t surprise me.

23. I get car sick when reading in a moving vehicle which always made me mad as a child.

24. I don’t have a problem seeing the movie before reading the book.

25. There will never be enough time, money, or resources to read everything I want to read.


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