T5W Books I Feel Differently About


The Little House seris
I originally read these as a child. Took them as true accounts of the Ingalls and Wilder family. As I grew older and learned more about Laura Ingalls Wilder and learned that these were fictionalized, watered down stories of her life my perspective on them changed. They weren’t any less enjoyable, even with the smattering of racism I didn’t catch as a child. But I now can see them for what they really are.


Flowers in the Attic
I originally read this as a naive preteen.  I knew what was happening to these children was horrible, but one scene in particular I saw very differently when I reread this book as an adult. I was appauld by my not seeing this when I was younger, and the immediate aftermath of the event in the book really made me mad as an adult. I now saw how this could influence and impress a certain thought process on teens and young people who read this book and view an event like this happening to them.


When I first read this book I thought it was a nice, fluffy, vampire romance story. The more I later thought about it, and after reading part of Eclipse,  my thoughts on this book began to morph and change. I started to see the relationsrfor what it really was, creepy and unhealthy.


Perks of being a Wallflower
This I a book for me that just gets better every time I read it. I have passed this book along to numerous people to read. I use it, and the movie, to foster group discussion in my work at a psychiatric hospital with teens. So many topics and discussion points to analyze. And each group I talk about this book with brings a new and different perspective.


Luckiest Girl Alive
I read this book earlier this year and am currently rereading is for a book club. As I do a further analysis of this book and the main character I am loving this book even more. I could write a complete psychological review on Ani/TifAni. I am looking forward to discussing this book.


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