Motor City Comic Con Haul

About two weeks ago was the Motor City Comic Con.  I always love going because I can get cheap comics.  So this visit I obtained 10 floppies and 7 trade paper backs.  The floppies were $1 each and the trades $5 each. I got all 5 issues of the 1991 Robin limited series, and the first 5 issues in the Robin run that started in 1993.  I don’t know why I chose these. So hopefully they are an entertaining read. Next I picked up the first 2 volumes of She-Hulk and the first volume of Young Avengers.  I also got the first two volumes of Fade Out. Last were the first volumes of Shutter and Bitch Planet which were two that I had been hoping to find.

Do you visit cons just to get cheaper comics?  If so what ones have you gotten and were they any cheaper that the ones I got?


Happy Reading!!